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Ecuador Girls Photo

Located in a large area with a beautiful view of the property. The place is quite calm and peaceful, safe and free from mosquitoes. The soil is very fertile, which is about 500 fruit trees and beautiful gardens around it.Do want to make life interesting and beautiful with a beautiful, cheerful, simple, honest, friendly, beautiful and intelligent girl, at the same time and delicious food, what it means.
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Ecuador Beautiful Girls Photo

By a succession of wars and marriages among the people who inhabited the valley, the region became part of the Inca empire in 1463. When the Spanish conquistadors came from the north, was the Inca empire ruled by Huayna Capac.

Ecuador Beautiful Girls Photo

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Ecuador is known for its beautiful exotic fruits, fish and shellfish quality, and the countless varieties of Andean potatoes. Nationwide offers a wide range of national and regional dishes, including lemon-marinated shrimp, roasted corn, and pastries stuffed with meat and spices. If you feel brave, you can culinary value of the test with guinea pig.

Ecuador Beautiful Girls Photo

In our frequent trips to the Andes and the coast of Ecuador, we sampled as many local foods as we could, with a delightful adventure, laced. Fresh fruit and vegetables and regional dishes are varied and tasty.

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